Operations Manager

The Operations Manager, Renewable Energy Systems Limited, has been appointed to provide operational management services to the Company and UK Holdco under the terms of an operations management agreement. The services provided by the Operations Manager include maintaining an overview of project operations and reporting on key performance measures, recommending and implementing the strategy on management of the portfolio of operating assets including the strategy for energy sales agreements, insurance, maintenance and other areas requiring portfolio-level decisions and maintaining and monitoring health and safety and operating risk management policies and compliance.

The Operations Manager also works jointly with the Investment Manager on sourcing and transacting new business, refinancing of existing assets and investor relations but does not undertake any regulated activities for the purpose of the UK Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

RES appoints senior individuals to the Advisory Committee which sits alongside senior members of the InfraRed investment management team to advise TRIG on key operational and strategic matters.

Jaz Bains

Group Risk & Investment Director, Renewable Energy Systems

Rachel Ruffle

Managing Director, Western Europe, Renewable Energy Systems

Chris Sweetman

TRIG Operations Manager, Renewable Energy Systems

Donald Joyce

Chief Financial Officer, Renewable Energy Systems