Investment Manager

InfraRed Capital Partners Limited (InfraRed) is the Investment Manager to TRIG. It is a leading global expert in the financing, development and management of infrastructure projects from their conception, design and construction into their long-term operating phases. InfraRed has a track record which dates back over 25 years and a reputation for creating real value for its investors, project partners, communities and end users.

Members of InfraRed’s infrastructure team have responsibility for managing TRIG's existing portfolio and for sourcing further infrastructure investments to protect capital and enhance returns for shareholders. This delegation of activities is performed within agreed parameters set by the Board which are regularly reviewed. While InfraRed as a whole has over 190 employees across infrastructure and real estate, the infrastructure team has approximately 100 employees. These personnel have on average 12 years of infrastructure or related industry experience, and possess a broad range of relevant skills, including private equity, structured finance, construction and facilities management.

InfraRed's headquarters are in London but it operates worldwide from its other offices in New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Mexico City and Seoul. InfraRed manages over US$12bn of equity capital internationally in multiple private and listed funds, for institutional and retail investors. To date InfraRed has raised 17 funds and completed over 400 transactions. One of these funds is another listed company advised by InfraRed – HICL, the first and largest London-listed infrastructure company. 

Investment Committee

Five senior InfraRed professionals comprise InfraRed's Investment Committee for TRIG. This body reviews prospective new investments at various stages of the acquisition process and sanctions the final investment approval. The committee considers, inter alia, the suitability of the new investment in relation to the existing portfolio, its match with the Acquisition Strategy and the delegated parameters set by the Board, and the projected returns. It also carries ultimate responsibility for structuring and managing investments for the Company.

On average, these Investment Committee members have 21 years of infrastructure or related industry experience and approximately 17 years with the business. Their biographies are provided below.

Werner von Guionneau

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Gill

Deputy Chief Executive

Jon Entract

Director, Infrastructure

Tony Roper

Senior Adviser

Richard Crawford

Director, Infrastructure

Harry Seekings

Co-Head, Infrastructure

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is concerned with the financial performance of the portfolio. Working closely with the Operations Manager, RES, it seeks to: monitor the financial performance of each investment against internal targets and forecasts; consider the portfolio composition and mix with respect to achieving desired target returns within the agreed risk appetite; manage the investment cashflows; manage the processes and analysis which underpin the semi-annual valuation of the portfolio; ensure good financial management including forex hedging, efficient cash management and treasury processes.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations comprises capital raising, investor relations and the preparation of key investor communications. The team's main responsibility is to liaise with existing investors and related parties (e.g. analysts and other key external stakeholders) to ensure all their queries are dealt with accurately and in a timely manner; support fund raising activities; and coordinate overall communication activities for InfraRed and the Company, including website and media communication.

Risk, Compliance & Tax

Risk, Compliance & Tax has responsibility for maintaining and developing the risk management and compliance framework for InfraRed and the funds it manages and advises, including TRIG. It also provides desk top credit opinions on material counterparties - principally the supply chain in the context of TRIG’s investments - and the Company Secretariat function. From a tax perspective, the team works with the TRIG transaction professionals on structuring, as well as managing tax due diligence and compliance matters.

Strategy & Origination

Strategy & Origination comprises two key functions. Strategy is concerned with the identification of suitable markets for sourcing investment opportunities that are in line with TRIG’s risk appetite and provide attractive risk-adjusted returns. This strategic overlay operates in tandem with the development of relationship networks within these markets, in order to target specific deals. Origination focuses on the day-to-day responsibility for investment due diligence and execution, including detailed financial, commercial and technical analysis of each transaction to examine project risk/returns, counterparties and asset quality.