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sustainable value.


TRIG is a London-listed investment company whose purpose is to generate sustainable returns from a diversified portfolio of renewables infrastructure that contribute towards a net zero carbon future.

TRIG’s £3.5bn renewable energy portfolio is spread across six European power markets


of clean renewable power generated annually


homes (equivalent) the portfolio is capable of powering


tonnes of CO2 emissions the portfolio is capable of avoiding


Featured video: TRIG 2023 Annual Results Highlights


A responsibility for sustainable growth

Renewable Energy is an asset class where it is possible to achieve attractive long-term investment yield whilst making a material contribution to lower global carbon emissions.

View our latest Sustainability Report by clicking here.


A diversified portfolio

TRIG owns a balanced and diverse portfolio, reducing the risk from over-concentration in individual assets, technology types, weather systems, power markets and regulatory frameworks, to improve the stability of returns to our shareholders.

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